Cathleen Revisited

Cathleen ni Houlihan is the female personification of Ireland. She is depicted as an old woman with her four fields (the provinces of Ireland) taken from her and left homeless. Yeat’s one act play tells of how she persuaded young Irish men to go off and fight for Ireland and become martyrs “many a…(Read More)

There have always been some good feminist messages in The Titanic. An independent Rose defies her parents expectations refusing to marry for wealth. She casts aside society’s class and gender restraints to dance in 3rd class. She doesn’t let Jack get too cling either. I’m not sure what to make of her…(Read More)

Dettox style atheism

When I discuss peoples’ religious beliefs with them I frequently come across a behaviour which I can only describe as equivalent to sticking your fingers in your ears and drowning me out saying “LA LA LA LA LA” Here is how a typical conversation might go. Theist: “Do you believe in God?” Me: ”No I…(Read More)

Social Network connection diagrams have always received a passing glance from me. Back in the days when facebook was more lax about security I used to enjoy the ‘advanced search’ function for example “School: Methody Religion: Atheist” or “Location: Belfast Gender: Male Interested in: Men” would always provide an interesting evening of facebook creeping. This…(Read More)

An Irish Nativity


Long time no postings apologies to my regular readers (yes I mean you Bolivian scented candle selling spam bots) Maybe I’ll find time over Christmas to write something about what I’ve been doing instead if I develop code names for all the people involved and write things very cryptically. I should extend my…(Read More)

A few weeks before setting off to Rome I’d read a few amusing news stories about ‘gladiator fights’ happening outside the Colosseum. Apparently the gladiator impersonators had formed gangs and were using violence and intimidation against other would-be gladiators as well as against tourists to force them to pay up for photographs. In…(Read More)

a new post from adam curtis

Many people on my facebook have at some stage been on the receiving end of an Adam Curtis documentary link. I found Adam Curtis through a very short segment he did for Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe. In it he used the example of Roy Jenkins the Labour Home Secretary who legalised homosexuality to show how…(Read More)

Senatus Populusque Romanus

I slip in the time to post here just in the gap I have between passing my Driving Theory Test and frantically starting to pack and prepare for leaving for university on the 2nd October. Perhaps before I launch into my ramble about my very Hepburn-esque Roman Holiday I will post some little fillers…(Read More)

I take back all the jokes I’ve made about my former school’s Junior Orchestra and also violas in general. The Portsmouth Sinfonia rightly deserve their title take a listen to for the history of it. They had an impressive repertoire that they recorded…(Read More)

mary epithets

We were huddled in the car with cups of scalding tea and coffee that must surely be the only way to start a real holiday in Ireland. The soft spoken southerner will describe their landscape as “Mystical” mystical being a euphemism for “fog limiting visibility to six foot ahead”. While their…(Read More)