Living la vida locum

Since the General Election we’ve seen bold statements on reducing agency spend in the NHS. It’s an area with great potential savings, but it also depends on shifting agency and locum work back onto a permanent basis. Unfortunately, the government’s stance on working conditions and contracts will drive more doctors into locum work, jeopardising the savings and creating a more mercenary NHS.

DevoBlog: health in the recent devolved elections

he recent elections in the devolved regions haven’t captured much attention in the health sector. It’s easy to forget, with so much going on with DevoManc, that 10 million people in the UK already have health systems that are devolved to an even greater extent. Being from Northern Ireland myself, I’m always keen to share a regional perspective – whether or not it’s asked for! But I also think that with different health policies being tried and tested around the UK, there are opportunities for everyone to learn a lot, if they’re willing to listen.