some MUNderful news

I owe much to all those who took an interest in my last MUN post, “MUNdervalued”. It came at a time whenever the future of Model United Nations at Methody, certainly in terms of our conference, was looking shaky at best. Your comments, ‘likes’ and support (read: pressure) kept the heat on all of us to step up our efforts to persuade the school to host a conference. I’m delighted to not only tell you that we are indeed having a conference, from the 1st to the 3rd of July, but that I can also invite you all to it. We’ve created an ‘invitation booklet’ that we will be sending to several hundred schools in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. If you want to take a look, or perhaps forward it to your teacher, the booklet is in an online PDF at

So now that we –hopefully- have the delegates, all we need are the chairs, admin, press, security, sound, tech and all the rest. Some of you may already have received my irritating and pleading texts, but unfortunately I don’t have everyone’s numbers and not all the texts sent. There will be announcements in assemblies and tutor groups for you to sign up, either with Ms Kallock in A4 (some sort of computer room/pastoral care hybrid) or with myself by e-mailing [email protected] You can always just tell me personally and I’ll be more than happy to take down your name :­D

I would include some photos of our trip to Lady Eleanor Holles conference, but the staff haven’t yet e-mailed their photos to us. (Talk about being surrounded by ineptitude! ;-­) ) Sorry for such a short post, but I might post something about AV in the future.

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  1. but xaio whereas yes Northern Ireland is under the dominion of the UK, it isnt particularily united, so it becomes the short fat one of the posse, that always needs to be defended by the stronger team players in this posse, ie. england.

  2. “We’ve created an ‘invitation booklet’ that we will be sending to several hundred schools in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.”

  3. We might be going! We have to clear it with your school’s insurance company and our school (because we would be going without an advisor), but it’s still on the cards! 🙂

  4. Could I take part in some way, Edward? I know that I’m not officially a Methody student any more, but I’d love to either chair or do security or whatever, 😀

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